REVIEW: 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge v2

The 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge by Brian Brewer Review

The 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge is the shiny new free course introduced by Brian Brewer, a super partner in the web promoting space beginning around 2012.

In the event that you're new to affiliate marketing, the best thing I can say is that it's a genuine business and furthermore the most effective way to begin procuring a pay on the web. 

Each business, regardless of whether on the web, necessities to manage the accompanying issues:

  1. Item creation.
  2. Deals.
  3. Satisfaction (transporting, instructing, and so on.).
  4. Client assistance (dealing with grumblings, discounts, specialized viewpoints, and so on.).
  5. Promoting.

With the affiliate marketing plan of action, the main thing you need to manage is promoting other people's products.

What's more, in light of the fact that the vast majority who enter the web-based world wanting to bring in some cash are absolute novices, it's truly simple to see the reason why member advertising is the most ideal decision by a wide margin.

Furthermore, the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge by Brian Brewer will show you the very most ideal way to begin in this extravagant industry.

Beginning around 2020, generally, I've been staying aware of Brian Brewer.

At the point when I originally saw him, he began a spic and span YouTube channel about his new 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge and affiliate marketing in general . Furthermore, that is the manner by which I began in this high-ticket affiliate marketing business.

Above all, who is Brian Brewer?

Who Is Brian Brewer?

Brian Brewer is a 6-figure affiliate marketer with such a lot of information to share.

A long time back, he made more than $100,000 every year with the Shopify member program. 

What's more, presently, he's devastating it again with the Incredible 90 Minute Affiliate Marketing Challenge, positioning Platinum for the fourth time.

Brian Brewer 4x platinum

On the off chance that you don't have any idea, positioning Platinum as an Incredible Advertiser member implies you've hit 6 figures. For Brian's situation, he's finished more than $400,000 now.

Each time a member is credited for a high-ticket deal, David Sharpe, Legendary Marketer's President, posts a message like those in the Legendary Facebook bunch.

It's rousing to see that large number of deals being credited to individuals like Brian, however in particular, to individuals who are absolutely novices in subsidiary promoting.

That is the reason Legendary Marketer is a particularly interesting affiliate program to review.

Be that as it may, how did Brian Brewer begin finding actual success?

In all honesty, Brian filled in as a server prior to making a full-time pay on the web. Yet, in 2016, he at last quit his place of employment because of affiliate marketing.

In spite of the fact that he began with blog surveys and Website optimization advancing Amazon items, he made colossal progress with high-ticket affiliate marketing business.

What I like most about Brian Brewer is that he's absolutely straightforward with what he's doing, not normal for some Facebook offshoot promoting “guru junk” who sell straightforwardly to their on the web “companions” inside their gatherings.

Brian is an unassuming, engaging, and direct person who really thinks often about your prosperity. Also, he adores showing what he does, which goes over in the entirety of his YouTube recordings and preparation phases.

I've never seen anybody make sense of so obviously the strategies, the cycles, the procedures, the methodologies, and the systems that he involves in his own business for others to follow. Everything is out in the open for whoever needs to learn and try it.

Since Brian is a particularly proficient individual in everything connected with web based showcasing, you'll capitalize on all that he puts out there. Also, that incorporates this FREE 90 Minute Affiliate Escape Plan.

The 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge is a 90 Minute free course devoted to showing you internet promoting abilities that can possibly change your life.

As per Brian, partner showcasing is more straightforward today than ever previously. However, most partner advertisers battle to get their most memorable bonus.

Because of what Brian calls the “achievement standards” of member promoting, he had the option to leave his place of employment and create various 6 figures in a couple of years. Furthermore, by sharing these privileged insights, endless people followed a similar way.

With this free course, you will more deeply study partner advertising than you likely have elsewhere on the web. Furthermore, by a genuine individual who really set some things in motion

In this part, I will separate the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge, so you can examine this phenomenal free course.

Prior to beginning the course, Brian gives you a welcome video to warm you up to what's coming.

He makes sense of why member showcasing is the best side gig for novices and why high-ticket associate advertising will assist you with getting more cash all the more quickly so you can scale and at last quit your place of employment (assuming that is your objective).

Illustration 1: The Quickest and Simplest Method for turning into an affiliate marketer.

In this first example, Brian plunges further into what partner showcasing is and examines the three most well known ways individuals make progress with affiliate marketing:

Rank for search terms.
Turn into a force to be reckoned with.
Grow a clan and help them.
Furthermore, that is the thing he will show you all through this free course.

Illustration 2: Picking Your Niche and How to Track down Buying Prospects

In this illustration, he begins by showing the three evergreen specialties that have the most potential for member income:

At the point when there's sufficient premium, there's sufficient cash included. Also, proportional a subsidiary showcasing business, you need to go where the cash is.

He then, at that point, shares a definitive hack to win: tackle your concerns and help other people like you take care of a similar issue the same way.

LEARN-DO-Instruct — that is the key to succeeding two times as quick around here.

That is the reason Brian's lessons are so straightforward and why many individuals partake in his mentorship.

All through this free course, Brian likewise stands out enough to be noticed to his top notch course 90 Minute Affiliate Escape Plan (AEP 2.0), on the off chance that you're all set all-in.

Example 3: The 3 Stage “AEP” System

Here, Brian discusses how to get individuals to purchase. He shows you the significant stages to fabricate a business in the member promoting game.

The “AEP” system is partitioned into three sections:

Issue: traffic (content or advertisements).
Arrangement: your scaffold page pipe.

Item: item's deals interaction.

By beginning with a decent item streamlined for changes and where individuals are as of now bringing in cash, we don't need to figure. We simply need to pick the item and concentrate the demonstrated informing into our own promoting efforts.

That is the manner by which we keep up with coinciding in the entire cycle and fabricate trust.

The “AEP” structure is tied in with taking individuals on an excursion:

Make them mindful of an issue they could have.
Offer the arrangement.
Let the item maker sell the item (this isn't your work).

Illustration 4: Basic 2-Page Pipe Structure for Subsidiary Offers

An hour and a half Offshoot Challenge Example 4 – basic 2 page channel

In this example, Brian separates the science behind a straightforward 2-page channel liable for producing more than $200k for him and almost 7 figures across various subsidiaries who have replicated the specific pipe framed in this illustration.

He gives you explicit procedures and strategies that will assist you with figuring out how to be a fruitful advertiser. He will likewise show you how to assemble channels the correct way so you can bring in cash into the indefinite future.

hour and a half Offshoot Challenge Illustration 4 why this channel functions admirably

Also, the best part is, you can 1-click clone his channel for nothing.

He's offering his channels, pre-composed email follow-up swipes, span page pipe script, and a reward that tells you the best way to likewise offer this to procure more automated revenue.

Recollect that we're discussing a free course! So this is an amazing chance. To clone the pipe answerable for Brian's 6-figure business, click the button underneath to join this test.

Join the hour and a half Member Challenge

Example 5: Get Limitless Free and Designated Traffic

In this illustration, Brian examines the #1 open door right now to get free traffic to your offers, all in all, short-structure content:

Instagram Reels.
YouTube Shorts.
TikTok Recordings.
Meanwhile, Facebook Reels additionally joined the game.

All things considered, it's so natural to make 10 or 15-second recordings, contrasted with growing a YouTube channel. Furthermore, the stages' calculation pushes this short-structure content, meaning you have a stunning arrive at regardless of whether you have no following and no endorsers.

He go on by sharing and separating the #1 guideline of making content that requests consideration and drives qualified drives: a straightforward 3-word format that can be applied to any piece of content:


Example 6: Increment Changes with Email Computerization

Here, Brian shows you the significance of having an email rundown and how you ought to manage it.

Rather than pitching the item to your email lean (to the people who haven't gotten it yet), you ought to apply the “PSP” system and address those three stages in your messages.


If you are new to affiliate marketing, there is not a more brilliant teacher with whom to learn from.  Brian is such a humble person, starting with nothing and building up a multi-million dollar empire.

What is so unique about Brian's teaching method is that he is willing to share EVERYTHING that he has done wrong so that you won't be faced with the same issues or problems.

Brian also hold's weekly Zoom meetings for his students where he has an open question and answer period in which you can ask him straight away and nagging issue you are faced with.

Follow his Affiliate Marketing Challenge blueprint and you are sure to be successful.

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